The Word of Cider

Our Cidermaking Process

Cider making is actually a simple process and resembles wine making very closely. At the core (get it? lol), the process is press, ferment, rack, age and bottle. However, there are numerous branches (I could do this forever) that you can take while making cider. Some cider makers add nutrients or fining agents, while some …

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How Popular is Cider?

The Origins of Cider Do you know where cider originated? According to Julius Caesar’s account of Brittania, or modern-day England, the ancient Celts fermented crab-apples into a cider-like brew. This explains the modern-day popularity of cider in the United Kingdom, with companies like Strongbow and Thatchers leading the global cider market. But where else is …

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How is it already November??

I think I’ve missed a month or two this autumn somehow… I can’t believe that it’s November, and mid-November at that. What has been happening at The Little Cider Company? Well, apple pressing, apple pressing and more apple pressing. Basically, almost every weekend from mid-September to mid-November, we’ve been pressing apples either for fresh cider …

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Cider Apples

Ok, for some, maybe a lot of you, the idea of cider apple varieties is an entirely new concept. You know about dessert/modern/fresh eating apples. Fresh market apples are those that you see everyday at the grocery store, local orchard or farmer’s market. They are sweet, tart, a combo of tart and sweet and are …

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What is Cider?

              I get this question quite a bit which I find surprising. It is fermented fresh sweet apple cider, you know the kind that you buy at an orchard in the fall from pressed apples. In North American, we’re a little behind the whole cider craze, so I can …

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Why Cider?

Well, we like it and we have apples. It is really that simple. Ok, maybe not with all the government rules but the idea is simple. Nothing can be simple when you involve the governments. Yes, I said governments, as in plural. Both the federal and provincial governments love to get involved whenever alcohol is …

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