Michelin was raised by the nurseryman Legrand of Yvetot, Normandy, and first fruited in 1872. It was first brought to England in 1883 or 1884 by members of the Woolhope Naturalists Club of Hereford, who visited a Rouen horticultural show. Michelin is an extremely heavy cropping and reliable cider apple. Although rare in France, by the 20th century it had become the most planted cider variety in England

Michelin is a mid-season, medium bittersweet apple, relatively high in sugars, low in malic acid, and high in tannins. Its avoidance of biennial fruiting tendencies makes it a reliable cropper, though its juice makes a relatively characterless cider unless blended with other varieties.

We don’t think the Michelin apple will be winning any stars for its taste. But, it’s not so bad. The Michelin apple has some really fascinating flavours to it – we think it tastes like apple or cherry pie, just a little bit… a very tiny bit. But while that may seem entrancing, we don’t recommend snacking on Michelin apples. Save that flavour for cider, it’s much better that way.

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