How is it already November??

five honeycrisp apples on table

I think I’ve missed a month or two this autumn somehow… I can’t believe that it’s November, and mid-November at that. What has been happening at The Little Cider Company? Well, apple pressing, apple pressing and more apple pressing. Basically, almost every weekend from mid-September to mid-November, we’ve been pressing apples either for fresh cider or for our hard cider. I completely I underestimated how busy I would be with work, school, family and a cidery. When I started this venture, I think I believed that it would be a simple one, maybe two weekends and I’d be done. Well, I didn’t prep for scaling up. I’ve been so used to making small batches, that I didn’t fully grasp how much and how often I’d be making apple cider. It’s a good thing a bought a nice new press this year. I’m already thinking about getting a second one to speed up the process!

The second thing I didn’t plan for was weather. For most of this fall, it has been warmer than usual. That worked great until November hit, then it has been either warmer than normal for a day or colder than normal. I’m currently writing when it’s colder than normal. Now, usually the weather doesn’t really affect me, I sit in my nice and warm house, however, this year I have been out in the cold working. And I really don’t like the cold. What has all this to do with cider? Well, I planned on fermenting my cider for about 2 weeks then racking it off to age for a bit but with the colder weather, my 2 week plan has turned into almost a month and it is still bubbling away. This isn’t a really big issue taste wise, it is more an issue with getting a special cider out before Christmas…. it’s cutting close. The bright side is that slowing the fermentation down is actually a good thing and the cider tastes better when I bottle it, whenever that will be.

This being my first year of operation, I guess I’m allowed to get into the swing of things?? Right?


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