Porter’s Perfection

Looking for the real meat-and-potatoes of a full cider blend? Well here it is. Porter’s Perfection apples are perfect at their job – adding sugar, tannins and acidity to cider. They are not perfect tasting. Crunchy, but bitter red apples usually produce exponentially on Porter’s Perfection trees. They fall into the bittersharp hard cider apple category. Discovered in the 19th century, Porter’s Perfection became a hit cider apple in the early 20th century, with orchards throughout Somerset planting it. It’s a funny little apple, yellow-green with stripes of red and a thick fleshy stem. Its most remarkable feature, though, is its regular tendency to form fused fruits, usually in twos, but sometimes three or more, hence its other name, Clusters. This variety also handles our rough Canadian winters just perfectly.

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