Experiments with new yeast strains

So what can I possibly be doing in June??

Since apples aren’t really in season, I can understand peoples confusion about what I would be working on. Thankfully, we freeze fresh cider so I have access all year long. That doesn’t mean my experiments are on a large scale, in fact most of them are in 1 gallon jars or 1L mason jars.

This month I’m trying different yeast strains. Usually I use a champagne yeast but that can often times strip the apple flavour and finish extra dry. Different yeasts will impart different characteristics to the finished cider.

This time around I tried two different yeast specifically for cider.

Mangrove Jack’s Cider Yeast produced specifically for cider fermentation, this yeast would be among the “aromatic” strains. It produces fruity esters and has a lingering finish along the same lines as M2 wine yeast.

Safcider from Fermentis is effective at fermenting cider even under difficult conditions. It has a wide fermentation temperature tolerance of50 to 86 °F (10 to 30 °C). It is rated to 11% ABV, which should be fine for natural-sugar ciders but may not accommodate apple wines with added sugars.

And I thought I’d try Wildbrew Philly Sour yeast and see what the results would be. I haven’t ever tried to make a sour cider so this is completely new.

I will leave them to ferment in primary and then rack them into another container for secondary fermentation. I prefer to let my cider mellow for a few months before it is ready, but there have been cases that where a cider was ready in a month and it was great!

Stay Tuned for the Results

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